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Conceptual Physics - Problems for Chapter 3.  Show your work and write your answers on a separate piece of paper.


1.         Every March, the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano after their winter in the south.  If the swallows fly 200 km due north on the first day, 300 km due north on the second day and 250 km due north on the third day, draw a vector diagram of their trip and find their total displacement for the three-day journey.


2.         Rochelle is flying to Chicago for her sister’s wedding.  If the plane heads out of Chicago with a velocity of 220 m/s in a north-east direction.  It encounters a wind blowing head-on at 45 m/s, resultant velocity of the plane, relative to the ground.  Draw the appropriate vectors.


3.         Clifton Chenier is piloting his swampboat through a reiver in Lousiana.  His boat only has one speed.  When he goes upstream he can only travel at 8 m/s, whereas he goes 12m/s when he goes downstream.  What is the current of the river?  What is the speed of the boat.  Draw the vectors in both cases.


4.         If Boston Red Sox legend Carl Yaztremski, hit a ball due west with a speed of 50.0 m/s and the ball encountered a wind that blew it north at 5.00 m/s, what was the resultant velocity of the baseball?  In what direction?


5.         For the two diagrams below, draw the resultant velocity vectors and the vertical and horizontal component vectors at each point.  (A)  A boy kicks a rock off a bridge into the water below.  (B)  A skier jumper launches off the end of a ski ramp.














6.         Draw the resultant vector for the vectors drawn below.  For those with more than two vectors does it matter in which order you add them?





7.         Bert is standing on a ladder picking apples in his grandfather’s orchard.  As he pulls each apple off the tree, he tosses it into a basket that sits on the ground 3.0m below him and a horizontal distance of 2.0m away.  How fast horizontally must Bert throw the apples for them to land in the basket?


8.         In the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” (one of my favorites by the way) it begins with a pilot dropping a Coke bottle out of an airplane.  It is recovered by a surprised native below, who thinks it is a message from the gods.  If the plane from which the bottle was dropped was flying 500m above the ground and the plane is traveling at 40m/s, how far horizontally will the ball travel from its initial dropping point when it hits the ground.


9.         The Essex county sheriff is trying to determine the speed of a car that slid off a small bridge on a snowy New England night and landed in a snow pile 4.00m below the level of the road.  The tire tracks in the snow show that the car landed 12.0m horizontally from the bridge.  How fast was the car going when it left the road.


10.       Jackie Chan is filming a new movie.  In one scene the script calls for him to jump from a crane to the top of a building.  The crane is 6 m above the building.  Jackie Chan can run at a maximum speed of 7 m/s before jumping horizontally.  He tells the director he can make the jump if the crane is a horizontal distance of 10 m away.  Should the director let him try the stunt?  Explain your answer.