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   Contacting me  

Here is my contact info:

Email                (or click on the link below)

Voice mail                  (209) 957-3340 ext 236

I check my voicemail two or three times per week, as there is no phone in my room and I usually work through lunch and am generally busy during my preparatory period.  However, I check my email 3 or 4 times per day so this is the quickest way to get a response from me. 

If you are interested in discussing anything with me face-to-face I would be happy to set up such a meeting.  Keep in mind that the school also sets up a back-to-school night (September 11th this year) as well as a Parent-Teacher conference night (November 6th this year) for these purposes.

Otherwise, simply email me or leave me a voicemail and we can work out a meeting time.  On school days I am usually available after school until about four o' clock.  If you are interested in meeting before school, I will have to make special arrangements.  I commute and thus generally don't arrive at Saint Mary's until about 7:45 am, but would be willing to show up earlier if that is the time most convenient for you.