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      Using this site  

This website was designed primarily for students in my classes.  However, there is a good deal of information that can be accessed and used by parents.


First and foremost, grades are available if you want to check on your child's progress in my class.  To do this, you simply need to click on the link depending on if your child is in Conceptual Physics, Physics Lab, or Science 9A.  Then simply click on the Grades link and lookup your son or daughter's student number.


Another feature that may interest you is the calendar for each of my classes.  Once on the page for the appropriate class you can click on Web Resources and then on the calendar.  This can be of help not only in terms of knowing what your son or daughter should be working on, but also in the case that a student will miss significant class time, you can look up their assignments so they won't be too far behind upon their return.


Anything that I give out in class should be available online as well.  If a student loses a photocopy of anything I've given him or her, it can be printed out from home.  Occasionally I may even ask an entire class to print something out - for instance if the copier is down.  If you want to look at anything I've handed out, just click on handouts on the appropriate class web page.

Things to come

Lastly, two features that I will be adding in the near future (or possibly next school year) are my lecture notes (possibly in powerpoint format) and a record of attendance.


If there are any other features that you would like me to add to this website for your benefit, please let me know and will try to accommodate you.