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Conceptual Physics

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Science 9A

Welcome to SM Physics

Please Read this announcement:

Sunday January 21st, 2003:

One of my goals in setting up this website was to have it be a resource that would provide you with information you could use.  An updated calendar with assignments, grades that could be updated weekly, copies of handouts that could be printed out from home, links to useful physics and science related sites and some interesting info that I might turn up.  Later, as I became aware of easy ways to do so (and I bought a decent scanner) I realized I could also use the website to post homework solutions and quiz/test answers.  If I got myself really organized I could even post my lecture notes.  However, as is often the case in life, things didn't work out exactly as I planned.


As you know, I haven't done a very good job of keeping this website current or updating it as often as I should have .  Often times, when I set out with the intention of working on the site, there were more important things to get to first (writing and grading tests, writing labs, keeping my gradebook current etc), so I often put it off until the weekend.  And since just like you I'd rather spend my weekends out having fun with my friends and family, I rarely get around to it then either.  So the site became little else than a place for me to post grades.  And considering that it takes a lot more time to upload grades to the site than it does to simply print them, it didn't seem like a good use of my time. 


This weekend I made a decision.  After going to all the trouble of setting up the website, I needed to either put in the time to set it up the right way, or I needed to just take it offline altogether.  Seeing as how I have a little extra time with the beginning of the second semester, and I don't want my work to go to waste, I decided to make fixing up this site a priority.


Everything won't be up and running right away, but I'll be adding a little bit each night in the hopes of having this website be as helpful as I imagined in a week or two.  Check back later tonight.  The first thing I will be updating will be the calendar.  I will have the next two weeks planned out.  The lecture topic, lab  or quiz/test for each day will be there under web resources.  I will also have a link that will show you what is DUE on that day. 


Hopefully there are lots more updates to come!


Mr. Lash