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Period of a mass-spring system - Section 12C


1. The hummingbird makes a humming sound with its wings, which beat with a frequency of 90.0 Hz. Suppose a mass is attached to a spring with a spring constant of 2.50 x 102 N/m. How large is the mass if its oscillation frequency is 3.00 x 10-2 times that of a hummingbirdís wings?


2. In 1986, a 35 x 103 kg watch was demonstrated in Canada. Suppose this watch is placed on a huge trailer that rests on a lightweight platform, and that oscillations equal to 0.71 Hz are induced. Find the trailerís mass if the platform acts like a spring scale with a spring constant equal to 1.0 x 106 N/m.


3. A double coconut can grow for 10 years and have a mass of 20.0 kg. If a 20.0 kg double coconut oscillates on a spring 42.7 times each minute, what is the spring constant of the spring?


4. The monument commemorating the Battle of San Jacinto in Texas stands almost 2.00 x 102 m and is topped by a 2.00 x 105 kg star. Imagine that a 2.00 x 105 kg mass is placed on a spring platform. The platform requires 0.80 s to oscillate from the top to the bottom positions. What is the spring constant of the spring supporting the platform?


5. Suppose a 2662 kg giant seal is placed on a scale and produces a 20.0 cm compression. If the seal and spring system are set into simple harmonic motion, what is the period of the oscillations?


6. On average, a newborn humanís mass is just over 3.0 kg. However, in 1955, a 10.2 kg boy was born in Italy. Suppose this baby is placed in a crib hanging from springs with a total spring constant of 2.60 x 102 N/m. If the cradle is rocked with simple harmonic motion, what is its period?