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Period of a Pendulum - Section 12B


1. An earthworm found in Africa was 6.7 m long. If this worm were a simple pendulum, what would its period be?


2. The shortest venomous snake, the spotted dwarf adder, has an average length of 20.0 cm. Suppose this snake hangs by its tail from a branch and holds a heavy prey with its jaws, simulating a pendulum with a length of 15.0 cm. How long will it take the snake to swing through one period?


3. If bamboo, which can grow 88 cm in a day, is grown for four days and then used to make a simple pendulum, what will be the pendulumís period?


4. A simple pendulum with a frequency of 6.4 x 10 -2 Hz is as long as the largest known specimen of Pacific giant seaweed. What is this length?


5. The deepest permafrost is found in Siberia, Russia. Suppose a shaft is drilled to the bottom of the frozen layer, and a simple pendulum with a length equal to the depth of the shaft oscillates within the shaft. In 1.00 h the pendulum makes 48 oscillations. Find the depth of the permafrost.


6. Ganymede, the largest of Jupiterís moons, is also the largest satellite in the solar system. Find the acceleration of gravity on Ganymede if a simple pendulum with a length of 1.00 m has a period of 10.5 s.